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As an added feature Petrel Computers has partnered with Web Africa in creating an ISP division.

This gives you as a client the added benefit of having your IT support manage and maintain not just your network but your internet and email solutions.

Petrel Computers can take the headache away from mantaining your Internet lines through local South African telecoms companies.

Petrel ISP caters for all internet and email needs be it home or business.

For the HOME user:

We have a range of ADSL option from Capped to Uncapped as well as pre-paid, as well as a range of line rental options.

We also have basic email hosting for the home user.

For the BUSINESS user:

Petrel offers a range of ADSL option from Capped to Business Uncapped and Business Uncapped Pro as well as a range of Line rental option as well as the option of getting a static IP for your business which will allow you to setup your email directly to your server as well as having a dedicated address for connecting your mobile devices to your server.

For the business email and hosting option Petrel offer a range of Hosting option hosted on a Windows platform or Linux as well as allowing you to have either pop3 email or MX records to allow mail forwarded directly to your Exchange server.

Petrel also offers a domain registration option to register your website for you as well as the hosting of your website.

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