What is Digital Cabinet.....?

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Digital Cabinet is your filing cabinet made digital. You and your business can now access your own Digital Cabinet and scan, upload, retrieve and share files from your desk, or from anywhere else in the world!

  • Its SIMPLE with the intuitive scan-save-file feature.
  • Its FAMILIAR with the Windows-based filing structure.
  • Its INNOVATIVE with the all-in-one approach to offer you document scanning, storage, remote access and data backup in a single solution.

Due to its dynamic design, you can create your very own filing cabinets to mimic the exact file structures that you use in paper form. Digital Cabinet is designed for ANY type of business!
Best of all, Digital Cabinet Premium integrates seamlessly into your office with no software installation required, and we guarantee full training and support every step of the way.

Our Products

Digital Cabinet offers your business the perfect solution to suit your needs. Whether you're a startup dealing with escalating paperwork and costs, or an established business swamped by ever-increasing mountains of paperwork, we have the ideal solution for you:

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  • Own pre-configured micro-server and scanner included
  • Super-fast access to your documents, no internet required
  • Unlimited storage space for your documents *
  • Complete customisation and training based on your needs
  • Telephonic and On-site support by trained technicians
  • Free Offsite Data Backup and Recovery service
  • 24/7 Access from anywhere, via any web-enabled device
  • 2 GB of free storage, cheap to upgrade
  • Excellent rates on portable Multi-Feed Scanners
  • Free telephonic support and access to web resources
  • Automated daily Backup and Recovery service
  • Free automatic updates as new features are developed

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